Join the Chancel Choir for One-offs!

Have you ever dreamt of singing with the Chancel Choir, but wondered if you fit in or if you could manage the time commitment? This spring, there are two opportunities for singers who are interested in learning more about the Chancel Choir, or for singers who do not have time to be regular members, to join the Chancel Choir in special one-off anthem opportunities. All that is required is an interest in singing and attendance at five rehearsals. Click this link for more information and to sign-up!


Music and Arts ministry 2022-2023

The Music and Arts Ministry Team welcomes you!

Please click the image on the left to read about our Music & Arts Ministry Vision Statement. For further information, please contact our Director of Music, David Acton (Email).

Music and Arts Ministry Team: 

Sydni Dittmer (Chair)

Jerome Carter

Minette Church

Kathy Lindeman

Lee Lehmkuhl

Joan Loecker

Mary Jane Ray

Visual Arts, ad hoc

Christine Hall

Larry Patzer

David Acton (Staff Liasion)

Cynthia Riley (Council Liaison)

Welcome to the FCC Hashtag Initiative! 

We have such a creative community here at FCC! 

The Music and Arts Ministry Team invites you to join in on the FCC Hashtag Initiative! This means, when you create something (art, music, baked good, beautiful garden, poetry, a photograph, a facemask, etc. etc. etc.) that you wish to share: please take a picture or video of it, post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

tag the church and/or use #fccartathome

Between now and early June, we will curate the submissions that we can find and share them with the community. But you can also search for #fccartathome yourself to see what people in our community have posted! If you do not use social media, you can still participate!

Email your pictures or small video files to Emily or David.


We have a number of musical ensembles to join. 

If you would like to get involved in music at FCC, check out these ensembles and please contact Emily Bond.


Our musical and artistic offerings are robust and diverse, rooted in a tradition of quality. We value the grounding provided by our historic Hook and Hastings organ (renovated in 2013), a beloved feature of our Sanctuary. We value hymnody represented by The New Century Hymnal in our pews, and guests frequently comment on how impressive our congregational singing is. We worship regularly with a:

  • chancel choir
  • handbell ensemble
  • flute choir
  • children’s choir
  • brass quartet

and feature special services each year, including Jazz Sunday, Folk Sunday, and an annual presentation of a large choral work accompanied by orchestra. 

We feature artwork by members of our congregation and the wider community on our chancel during worship, and in our gallery space in the church's Atrium. We acknowledge and value the diverse artistic interests and talent represented by members of our congregation. Members and visitors often comment on the power and beauty of our music and arts ministry.

If you are interested in participating in our varied musical and artistic endeavors, please contact Emily Bond.


May 31, 2019

This concert was produced in memory of the 59 (+) individuals who lost their lives while living on the streets of El Paso County in 2018. The concert featured John Rutter’s Requiem

A Requiem Mass is traditionally offered at a funeral service. The Requiem commends the soul of the deceased into God’s care, and offers an opportunity for lament and mourning for those who remain behind. 

In addition to the Requiem, we will share songs of both lament and celebration for our community. We also shared the stories of those who have experienced homelessness in El Paso County; and listened for God’s call on our lives to help house the homeless among us. 

An offering was collected with all proceeds going to alleviate homelessness in Colorado Springs.


Listen to the music of First congregational church


Scroll down to listen to special music performed at First Congregational Church...

... Special music performed in worship to concerts of the various musical ensembles.



The Organ at First Congregational Church United Church of Christ was built by the famous Boston builder Hook and Hastings in 1888 and installed in the newly constructed church building in 1889. As most nineteenth century pipe organs in the area, the original organ was powered by a water turbine which is still in place in the building. The instrument has been updated and altered over the years and is still a viable part of the music ministry of First Congregational Church.The original organ had 36 registers but it was expanded and altered in rebuilds in 1952 and 1972. Today, the organ has 50 ranks and 38 stops with three manuals and pedal. Still behind the original facade; the organ was completely refurbished in 2013.

Organ of First Congregational Church,
United Church of Christ Timeline