We are an open and affirming congregation.We strive to extend an extravagant WELCOME, to cultivate a sense of WONDER, and to provide a positive and proactive WITNESS to the possibility of a just society.

We are an Open & Affirming Church inviting people of every age, race, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender expression, means, ability, and spiritual tradition to join together in the love of God and neighbor through Christian worship, education, care, fellowship, and outreach.

We are First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ.

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The Just Peace Church vision is a hallmark of United Church of Christ theological identity. For 30 years, the Just Peace Church pronouncement has inspired a grassroots movement of UCC congregations committed to corporately naming and boldly proclaiming a public identity as a justice-doing, peace-seeking church. The Just Peace pronouncement articulated the UCC position on war and peace distinct from other approaches such as crusade, pacifism, or “just war.” Grounded in UCC polity and covenantal theology, the position focuses attention on alleviating systemic injustice of all types using non-violence and calls us to offer the message, grounded in the hope of reconciliation in Jesus, that “Peace is possible.”

First Congregational Church Just Peace Pronouncement

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