outreach volunteer opportunities

We are blessed to have many members of our congregation involved in numerous service and outreach organizations in our community. The Mission Giving and Outreach Committee (MG+O) has explored the needs of many of our local not-for-profits. When offering to volunteer, we feel it is important to work for organizations where the need is significant, where volunteers are wanted and valued, and where one can really make a difference. We would like to recommend one of these organizations in need for your consideration of “getting involved.

How to volunteer

  • Interfaith hospitality network (IHN)

    Interfaith Hospitality Network brings the faith community together to help parents with children who are in need of shelter. Our congregations give these families a home-like place to stay with three meals a day within a community of caring volunteers. Our congregations transform their facilities for a week or two at a time in support of these parents and children. During the day, families come to our Day Center to receive case management services, job search resources and an opportunity to work toward independence, affordable housing and stability for the children. Goals are set and parents are compassionately guided to take the steps necessary to become self-sufficient and find a home. 

    First Congregational Church Hostings of IHN homeless families with children.

    Interested in volunteering as an overnight host, meal provider or by helping with set-up/tear-down? Please contact Jerry White (Email).