WHERE can I drop off my plastic sheeting recycling items?

Here's a video of the Trex Recycling Process

For more information, see https://recycle.trex.com/view/educate

Did you know, single-stream recycling that serves your home cannot recycle thin plastic like grocery bags, zip lock bags, bubble wrap and just about any other thin plastic you get with nearly every purchase? We have great news. You can avoid sending that plastic to the landfill by recycling with Trex!

We have started a challenge at FCC to recycle 500 lbs of thin plastic Collection bins at ALBERTSONSCITY MARKET (Woodland Park), KING SOOPERS-(just before you enter), inside SAFEWAY, SPROUTS, and WALMART. They each sell their plastic sheeting to TREX.  You don't need to register or notify anyone at the store, simply bring it with you on your way inside to get groceries and drop it in the recycle bin. The bins do not have Trex logos.  

If you go to KOHLS- University Village-, the recycling bin is located INSIDE by the CUSTOMER SERVICE DESK. 

If you go to WM, Safeway, or Sprouts they are inside the store. 


FCC Plastic Recycling Project

THE CREATION JUSTICE TEAM of First Congregational Church invites you to participate in a new project. Our goal is to collect 500 pounds of plastic in six months, as part of the Trex Recycling Project.

Click the image to learn more, and to find out how YOU can participate!

Educate yourself by clicking the following link to find out more: https://recycle.trex.com/view/educate