SURPRISE! Have YOu been flocked lately?!

The Flamingo Flock has been seen flying back and landing in the front yards of FCC congregants again. The beloved flock of Flamingoes were last seen migrating over Colorado Springs over ten years ago. The Children’s Ministry Team has reconnected with their flight patterns and sought them to assist a fundraising effort for the 2021 Youth Ministry at First Congregational Church. 

So! If you awake to a feathery presence in your yard, please read the directions attached to the pink squadron leader to assist in redirecting their flight and landing patterns and how you can choose to support a great cause for the future of our church community.

Please contact Del Hokanson or Josh Rumple should you desire more information or wish to nominate someone you would like to have “flocked.”

How to give to the Flamingo Flock

Here are some simplified directions:

  1. Visit  or navigate to the GIVE NOW page here on our website
  2. For the Fund, choose "Offering Plate"
  3. For the Subfund, choose "Youth Ministry"
  4. Complete the form with your donation amount and giving information. 

People can also give any of the other ways listed on the church website. If you wish to  pay by check, please write "youth ministry" in the memo line.