• What is the purpose of the form "My 2020 Covenant with First Congregational ChurcH?"

Beginning in 2020, you are encouraged to complete a Covenant with your church to set your intentions in the following areas:

  1. Identifying your spiritual growth goal;
  2. Identifying how the Church can support your spiritual growth goal;
  3. Committing to show up for the Church’s mission with your time & talent;
  4. Committing to support the Church’s mission financially.

When you return this completed form, the church office will make note of your answers and communicate the information to the appropriate staff person for follow-up with you.

  • What is the purpose of the form “2020 Financial Covenant?”
  1. Your financial covenant with First Congregational Church is a non-binding agreement of your intention to share your financial gifts with the church.
  2. Covenants are used to support the ministry of the church including worship, music, all ages faith formation, outreach, and care and fellowship programs such as Stephen Ministry.
  3. Fully 95% of our budget is funded through annual financial covenants.
  4. We know that family financial circumstances sometimes change. If you find it necessary to reduce your covenant during the year, or possible to increase, please contact the church office. Also, extra gifts for specific projects (e.g. Youth Mission Trip, Landscaping) beyond an annual covenant are always welcome!
  • When do I provide the church with my 2020 Covenants?
  1. Please return your Covenant forms anytime between January 1 – January 26, 2020 – during our Stewardship Appeal campaign. If now is not the right time for you to make your covenant, know that the church will gratefully receive them at any time.
  2. If you pre-paid your 2020 Financial Covenant or already contacted Glenda Laveck about this, thank you!
  • How do submit my 2020 Covenant? 
  1. Return the 2020 Covenant and 2020 Financial Covenant in the offering plate on any Sunday or by mail.
  2. Online. Go to www.fcucc.org/give or click on “Covenant” in one of the emails that you will receive during January.
  3. Email Glenda Laveck, Director of Financial Ministry, or call her (719.635.3549).
  • When and how can I contribute toward my 2020 Financial Covenant?
  1. Whatever contribution timing works for you will also work for the church.
  2. There are many ways to make your contributions, from dropping cash or a check in the offering plate to setting up electronic giving.
  3. Go to www.fcucc.org/give to review the various ways to give.
  4. If you have questions, please contact Glenda Laveck.