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  • APRIL 11: David Weddle


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    When appeals to divine authority enter struggles for political power, our common faith in democratic ideals—as symbolized on the Great Seal of the United States—is put in jeopardy.

    David L. Weddle (PhD, Harvard) is Professor Emeritus of Religion at Colorado College, where he taught courses in comparative religion, ethics, philosophy of religion, and American religious history—and served as chair of the department. He is the author of Miracles: Wonder and Meaning in World Religions (2010) and Sacrifice in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (2017), as well as numerous scholarly articles and reviews. 

  • aPRIL 18: Nat Stein & Tanvi Lad  

    "From The Ground Up: How A Budding Community Of Composters Are Reducing Waste, Regenerating Soils And Reconnecting Through The Life Cycle Of Food"

    Nat Stein and Tanvi Lad are soil geeks. They spend their days collaborating with residents, businesses, gardeners, and volunteers to turn food waste into compost under the auspices of Soil Cycle — a community composting startup that operates as a social enterprise of Colorado Springs Food Rescue, now Food to Power CO. Soil Cycle fills a key gap in the local food system, offering compost collection services that divert food waste from the landfill, where it emits harmful greenhouse gases, back to the land as compost, where it enhances nutrient density, microbial diversity, water retention and carbon sequestration. Nat and Tanvi will share information about composting, soil health and the joy that comes from connecting to the life cycle of your food.
    This is an opportunity to directly fight climate change, so listen up!

  • April 25: Rev. CLare Twomey

    "White Skin Supremacy - America's Greatest Sin"

    Redemption, salvation, conciliation--all of it--cannot be realized without the dismantling of white skin supremacy. This begins with the intentional engagement in this process of dismantling. It is beholden upon the church to lead this charge. We begin here.

    Rev. Clare Twomey is the lead pastor of Vista Grande UCC; a certified facilitator and trainer of Sacred Conversations 2 End Racism; a former psychotherapist of 25 years; and co-founder of Nurturing Justice Collaborative (nurturingjustice.org) whose mission it is to encourage the dismantling of white skinned supremacy and racism in American society through education, action, community building and engagement.

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