Connie Brachtenbach – Moderator
Scott Tetrick – Vice Moderator
Lisa Mason – Secretary
Michael Gemm – Treasurer
Lynne Stefonik – Council Member for Fellowship
John Beavers – Council Member for Education
Chris Reimer – Council Member for Worship
Alyce Morgan – Council Member for Outreach

Purpose of the First Congregational Church Council:
To prayerfully and thoughtfully interpret and enact the Church’s mission, vision and values, and to provide leadership and strategic direction. To safeguard the assets of FCC and to ensure adequate resources (human, spiritual, financial, and property) to carry out FCC’s mission. To support, direct, and partner with leadership staff.To be ambassadors to the community on behalf of FCC.


The purpose of the Leadership Cultivation Committee (LCC) is to recruit and present to the Congregation at the Annual Meeting the most qualified candidates to fill vacancies on the Church Council. The LCC strives to match the passions and gifts of members with open positions, enabling the work of the church to set the table for all who hunger and thirst.

The Leadership Cultivation Committee is energized by the talent in our congregation and we look forward to finding out what passions and vision you would like to bring to a leadership role in our church.

For more information, please contact Jessica Gemm (jess.robinson@gmail.com) Chair of the Leadership Cultivation Committee (LCC).

Leadership Cultivation Committee members:

Jessica Gemm (jess.robinson@gmail.com)

Tom Francis (tandj94@yahoo.com)

Nancy Henjum (nancyhenjum@msn.com)

Gloria Latimer (gglatimer2@comcast.net)

Lee Lehmkuhl (leel@mitre.org)

Jill Cameron (ricojill@comcast.net)

Alison Gerbig (alivasger@hotmail.com)

Get Involved!

In addition to cultivating leadership gifts, we are also actively looking to match the passions and gifts of FCUCC members with key leadership positions on our Church Council. If this interests you, we invite you to either talk with a member of the LCC for more information complete the Statement of Interest form (link below). 

Statement of Interest